Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Cleaning Company

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With work and other household responsibilities keeping you busy, you may not find the time to devote to cleaning your home or office. However, keeping your home and workspace clean and free from dust and dirt is essential. At such times, hiring a trusted residential and commercial cleaning company is recommended.

However, to ensure you get the results you want, it’s essential to work with the right cleaning company. Unfortunately, many people make a few mistakes when selecting a cleaning company and end up regretting their decision when they are met with unfavorable outcomes. 

To avoid committing costly errors and enlist the services of reliable professionals, 3 Of J’s Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a cleaning company and how you should avoid them.

1. Hiring the cheapest cleaning company
One of the most common mistakes customers make when it comes to selecting a cleaning company is trying to find the cheapest cleaner. You pay for what you get, and cheap isn’t the best when it comes to your health. Make sure you choose a company for their work, not their price. Sanitation is important! 

2. Asking the company for a price without checking their work
Many people want a quote right over the phone. Most cleaning companies can give quotes over the phone, but usually, after the work is done, the price ends up being different than the quote. Besides, the price they quote is the work you will get no matter what really needs to be done. Always get quotes geared to your needs because everyone’s needs do not fall into the same price point.

3. Choosing a company for the name
A brand name can go a long way, but it does not mean the cleaning company is the best. We all go with what’s familiar because it’s an easy choice. However, at times a bigger name can mean higher prices with unsatisfactory work. Always choose a company for their finished product, and not the brand name.

4. Failing to discuss their scope of work
Customers often mistake some companies for doing all the cleaning work. Make sure you know what the company offers, so you don’t expect a certain service and then not get it. Cleaning services and maid services have different services provided within their fields. Don’t expect cleaners to fold clothes and don’t expect maids to clean carpets.

5. Not researching about the company’s background
Not reading about the company or talking to their previous clients is a big no-no. Some want their need filled quickly and don’t care by who. You should always care about who is doing work for you. You are paying your money, so make sure they meet your needs.

6. Failing to check the work after it has been completed
Always check the work before the company leaves. Some companies won’t fix the problem, explain the problem away, or try to refund what they feel you should get. Check the work, so you know you are getting what you wanted and paid for before they leave.

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