Busted! Don’t Believe These Carpet Cleaning Myths!

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Carpets can help dampen sound, reduce slips and falls, serve as an insulator, create a warm ambiance and many other benefits. Unfortunately, along with its positives, come the negatives too. As carpet is an investment, you need to protect it by caring for it properly. However, many myths are floating around about how you should clean your carpet, which could shave a lot of years off your carpet’s usable lifespan. To help you steer clear of these misconceptions, 3 Of J’s Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about carpet cleaning. 

Myth 1: Cleaners can remove stains
People use the word stain in place of the word spot so often that no one really knows the difference. A spot usually is the result of a fresh accident that will come out with ease. A stain on the other hand, is permanent and cannot be removed. If color and texture damage have taken place because of a stain, you can’t restore the color by cleaning.

Myth 2: Hot water carpet cleaning is the best method
Hot water damages the texture in the carpet and can cause the color to fade. Low moisture cleaning systems like the one 3 Of J’s offer is a better choice. Just think of it like washing clothes. At home, they fade quicker, but the dry cleaners keep them vibrant and bright. We are the dry cleaners of the carpet industry.

Myth 3: Cleaning and disinfecting are the same
Cleaning is removing dirt from an area or surface. Disinfecting is for killing germs or other contaminants that are still on the surface. They are two different things as cleaning itself won’t kill germs like bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Another thing people tend to believe is that disinfecting products work instantly. They do not, they need at least seven to ten minutes of contact time on the surface to be 100% effective.

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