How COVID-19 Changed Our Lives

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The pandemic forced most people to start paying more attention to the amount of time and effort they were spending on cleaning or staying clean. Everyone had to wash their hands and make sure they were using hand sanitizers as often as possible. While many companies were going out of business and people were losing their jobs, we were quite fortunate to be in this industry when COVID hit. Even though places, businesses and companies were shutting down, many needed us to clean, disinfect, sanitize and fog their businesses and establishments.

As a company, we were working with a lot of commercial businesses and residential houses and with offices and commercial buildings closed, we took a bit of a hit. Additionally, we were also slightly hit with churches closing, we took a loss in that area, but gained in others and more residential housing since most people wanted a thorough cleaning of their homes.

Unfortunately, while most businesses can work remotely, we are the exception among the small number that have to get things done in person. We made a lot of changes in the way we were handling our work and communicating with one another. We wear a mask when we are visiting people to provide them with quotes but we usually clean homes when the residents are away.

We considered providing quotes remotely, but cannot get a complete understanding of the situation and the house or premise, remotely. We restarted physically going to our work sites again. Some clients prefer over the phone consultations, making it a little harder to see the work we need to take care of, but other than that, not too much has changed.

We currently don’t have an office for clients to come to, which proved to be another challenge. However, I make sure all the equipment I use is well looked after and disinfect everything, including the work vans to ensure we do not spread germs.

With the massive workload throughout the pandemic, we did not get a chance to take many breaks and change the number of hours we spend at the office. We are still clocking the same number of hours that we were pre-pandemic, and in some instances, maybe a few more.

We were always using secure systems to communicate with our clients. When sending files and other information, we use software like email, Quickbooks, and several of the Google tools. Furthermore, we are open to remote working and communicating with our clients. We use Whatsapp, Skype, and Zoom, not forgetting regular calls and texts. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can handle remotely since most of our work takes place in person. We are open to taking part in virtual public events and business expos as well.

On the off chance that we have to meet our clients, which we do on occasion to provide them with quotes, we make sure we take precautions. In some instances, we interact with our clients when we meet them at their homes or buildings to provide cleaning services. We wear masks and only allow one employee in for quotes at a time. We also focus on getting the clients out before the team begins working on cleaning the place since we cannot be too safe with the pandemic.

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